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Good News for all FERROXON users!

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Logo von der ECHA HP

After a long, wearing and sometimes frustrating procedure we're now proud to announce that the red, yellow and black FERROXON® oxide pigments were successfully registered at the ECHA in Helsinki according to the REACH directive.

The codes of registered substances:
FERROXON® yellow: 01-2119457554-33-0008
FERROXON® red: 01-2119457614-35-0009
FERROXON® black: 01-2119457646-28-0006

This is an important step into the future and prepares Schlieper & Heyng for the future. We are and will be a reliable and trustful partner for all our partners - customers as well as suppliers! A FERROXON® pigment is the best choice for you in the future. In any application and without a quantity restriction.

To be honest: We ARE a bit proud! A medium sized enterprise, independent with quite a long tradition, located in a small patch in the middle of Germany managed to pass all the legal and EU obstacles along much bigger partners! We get a slight idea how Asterix must have felt.

At the moment we are working on a re-write of the FERROXON® data sheets. We‘ll provide them to our customers as soon as this work is finished. We thank you for your understanding that this will take some time.

Directive (EG) no. 1907/2006 (REACH-directive)

This short, simple and cryptic numbers hide one of the most sophisticated projects politicians and administration ever constructed for us. A huge bunch of work for the chemical industry to meet the formal legal requirements. The name is REACH, acronym for „Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals“.

The main idea of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through an optimised identification of the hazardous properties of chemical substances. As a result the authorities want to force the users to search and replace critical substances with „unsuspicious“ alternatives. After a phased deadline it is not possible to use any unregistered substance any more. Substances with an volume of more than 1,000t/a had to be registered by the producer/importer until December 1st 2010.

This registration procedure is co-ordinated and administrated by the ECHA (another acronym: European Chemicals Agency) located in Helsinki. To manage the massive effort and data volume related with this work-flow lots of new instruments had to be invented or modified. To give smaller enterprises a little chance to stay in their business some simplifications were made: For every substance a SIEF (an acronym:...) was formed and a consortium with an lead registrant shared the work and costs. Nevertheless it took an enormous effort - especially for independent producers like us with a small administrative overhead - to survive the petty expenses and the ugly feeling of being lost in the deep jungle of EU regulations.

Whatever! We faced this challenge. We managed it and we’re looking forward for supplying all our partners in the future!!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 15:38