...wir bekennen Farbe!

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Experts on Pigments

We are a modern, medium sized company with a focus on producing  and marketing high grade synthetic iron oxides for various applications. Our facilities are located in the centre of Germany with short links to many centres of industry. This enables us to keep in direct contact with our partners who benefit from the quick transportation, big stock, vast variety of machinery and an experienced crew, ready to make there utmost for the customers sake. We faced many problems and were able to help our partners in many cases. Although we must confess: Even in the well known branch of anorganic pigments we run into difficulties we never heard of before. This is always a motivation for us to support our partners finding a optimum solution.

Delivery Programm

At the production site in Nistertal with our indiviualy designed devices we are producing a broad variety of pigments, mainly based on iron oxides under our brand name FERROXON®. Other pigments like carbon blacks, Titanium pigments as well as chromium and phtalocyanins are more and more extending the business with our partners. The production of preparations ans slurries comes into the focus too. Nearly every application is covered and we’re often surprised were we find ourselfes! As a young team of eager and highly motivated “pigmenters” we are keen on takeing (nearly) every lenge!

The FERROXON pigments cover a wide array of products.


The Production Site

The machinery used at Schlieper & Heyng is especially designed or modified for the use in the iron oxides fabrication. Iron oxides are well known for their problematic behaviour in handling, grinding and conveying. We solved many of these problems and feel  very well-prepared for any issue other pigments could bring. With the beelines to our partners and our experts at service we are well prepared for your request! We will give you the best support possible and develop an solution: mixing, grinding, blending, drying, packing,...

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